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Random thoughts direct from my head to yours through the magic of a DeviantArt journal:

:bulletorange:- When making my Chicken Man… image I actually bothered researching hens and roosters before I made him. The complexity of the wattles (the dangly bits under their chin) an the comb (the frilly thing on their head) is much more complex than I thought before. Also, their feet are actually quite beautiful when you study them! It's always handy to have as much  reference  as possible to work from and I have a massive folder filled with files of images of animals, human anatomy, creatures, lighting ideas, etc on a hard-drive that I use to learn from or simply just get inspired by.

:bulletorange:- Just got an email from Wacom the other day telling me if I re-confirm my registration on the Wacom site I can get a voucher for 10% off on future wacom purchase - which is pretty good for doing nothing! A bamboo pen (which I use) costs about 89Euro, so if you needed a new one you could save yourself around 9 quid. But I don't need one.....but again, it's the thought that counts. Wacom is a decent company with some great, quality products and the Bamboo pen is a fair price for something so useful and robust.
Just after typing all this crap I went to draw and my bamboo nib went. Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more drawing until replacements arrive in a few days. Crap!

:bulletorange:- Alchemy software is something I'm messing around with. I've been fascinated by Rorschach tests and was looking for a program similar to Zbrush's sketch facility that allowed mirrored illustrations, inkblot style though..............and Alchemy fits the bill. Whether it'll be useful to unlock the crap in my head or not.....only time will tell (that and the fact it seems to be incredibly processor intensive for some reason, and my PC rarely had problems running something like Zbrush, Gimp and other applications all at once) . 

:bulletorange:- G'Mic… is a cool plugin for Gimp I'd never heard of before until I stumbled upon it a couple of days ago.When you install it and go to 'filters', then scroll down to 'G'MIC' you'll be presented with a bunch of great presets similar to what photoshop has with a nice preview window and settings.

:bulletorange:- If the purpose of design is to be functional and creative then why are art design magazines so horrible looking?!! Go into a newsagent and pick up a copy of a art creative magazine (Computer Arts for example) and prepare to see  lots of 'breathing space' (plain blank swathes of generally white) and dozens of photographs of some bearded twentysomething in skinny trousers sitting at a impractically neat glass desks...and lots of advertorials for equally frivolous (and ridiculously expensive) hardware/software! Maybe it's just me.............    

:bulletorange:- The new versions of Blender are clearly so much better than what it once was (user since about version 2.36) but I would like to see the discombobulate plugin making a reappearance again (the one for adding complex mechanical-style detailing to spaceship hulls, etc). Or maybe it still is in there somewhere but I'm too thick to find it? let me know if it is!

:bulletorange:- Oh, almost forgot........before I made The Chicken Man I spent a bit of time just sculpting separate elements such as hands, arms, torso and legs which I then saved as an insert multi-mesh brush (IMM brush) in Zbrush I'd been meaning to do this before and finally got around to it. It's very handy when making characters to have a few preset body parts to basically just stick onto a simplistic crappy dynamesh blob and then glue 'em all together to get a quick and dirty character made up fairly quickly. 
After that you can scale, warp and distort everything to your exact liking to get the look you want but the general anatomy is solid. And getting proper anatomical features correct from the start is something I wanna work on in my stuff because, even though it's kinda boring, if it's not right initially then fixing it later is awkward and makes life tougher for you!

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Submitted on
July 10, 2013